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the guests drank the blood of his test subject, who were kept in a cage that could potentially be broken out of by a vampire if they were at their full strength. Elena is the second main character to become an Augustine vampire. Decapitation : Dismembering or manually removing the head of an Augustine Vampire will result in instant and permanent death. Eyewitnesses to the chilling scene told the Chronicle that the attacker had also collected some of his victims blood that apparently oozed from her wound into a pot. Damon was the first main character to become an Augustine vampire. This is most likely because his character suited the effects of the Ripper Compound. This urge to feed on other vampires seemed to cause even centuries old vampires with lots of experience in resisting their urges to revert to the behavior of a newborn vampire who hasn't yet gained control over their hunger. It is unknown just how many of these Augustine vampire test subjects the society had, but three of the subjects are known: Lorenzo, who was captured in 1943 and escaped in 2011; Damon Salvatore, who was captured in 1953 and escaped in 1958; and Joey. That night, they decided to let Jesse come to the party they were throwing in their dorm room as practice for controlling his hunger. Invitation : Augustine Vampires cannot enter a home without an invitation by the owner.

Confused and afraid, Jesse returned to his dorm room and accidentally attacked his roommate Aaron after his bloodlust was triggered by the sound of his heartbeat. Healing Factor : Augustine vampires heal extremely quickly, but still feel the pain of a wound before it heals. . In While You Were Sleeping, Damon and Elena both spent the day suffering their own respective side effects of being Augustine vampires while they were each trapped in their own homes until they could figure out a cure.

Fortunately, Aaron was merely knocked unconscious during the feeding, allowing him to call Caroline for help in understanding what had happened to him. Unusual Weaknesses Cancer: Although vampires cannot catch diseases and illnesses such as cancer, if a human has active cancer and is turned into a vampire, the effects of the cancer will increase. And, with the deaths of Wes and the Travelers, the formula for the compound was presumably lost. Maxfield's experiments In For Whom the Bell Tolls, Jesse came to Wes Maxfield for tests to determine why he had blacked out most of the previous night's activities. Season Five of, the Vampire Diaries. Immortality : Augustine vampires stops aging once turned. Whitmore's experiments In The Cell, Damon, who was trapped in a cell with Elena in the basement of Whitmore House after being captured by Wes, explained to her his story about being held captive by Augustine in the 1950s, where he was tortured and experimented. Augustine vampires are comparable narkotika anonym dejtingsajt to the Reapers depicted in Blade. Werewolf Venom : The venom of a werewolf is extremely lethal to Augustine vampire. Gone Girl, when Katherine Pierce, a Passenger in Elena's body, injected herself (and, by proxy, Elena) with Wes' new version of the Ripper Compound, which had been laced with Werewolf Venom extracted by the recently bitten Nadia Petrova prior to her death. Wes' intention in creating this kind of Augustine vampire was to eventually make all vampires crave the blood of their own kind, which would then make human blood no longer a satisfying food source from them and would subsequently protect all humans from becoming their. The ability to boil an opponents blood or summon shadowy arms to pull their limbs apart are also delightfully dark, but all of these moves come at a cost: youre significantly overpowered.

Fire : Augustine Vampires are highly flammable and sensitive to fire, and will quickly burn and die from it if the flames are not extinguished in time. However, while Mikael did feed on vampires, he did it out hatred and preference to not prey on humanity while the Augustine vampires have an urge and hunger to feed exclusively on vampires. Unlike "normal" vampires, an Augustine vampire's veins are longer, going all way down to their cheeks instead of just around the eyes. Jesse after he is staked by Elena.

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