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torrent of stones, on the 27th of April, of the year 171, according to Baronius. The relics of this saint are deposited in a magnificent church at Ravenna, built upon the place of his martyrdom. Louis, her son: witness her oft-repeated words, My son, I would sooner see you die than guilty of a mortal sin; words which sank so deeply into the saintly monarchs heart, that he himself said there was no day on 278 which they did not. Suddenly the captive grew terrified at the thought of death, and seemed ready to yield. One of the innumerable sad details from the current sex abuse scandals is that parents are worried about encouraging their sons to consider seminary and the priesthood, and I think thats a tragedy that will hurt the Church for a generation or more. Alphonsus de Liguori (2). He is the principal patron of Ravenna. Saint Vitalis was a first century Christian citizen of Milan and the father of the twin brothers and future martyrs, Saints Gervasius and Protasius.

I doubt that a day that goes by when my life isnt enhanced in a dozen tiny ways by my experience of seminary formation. The saint instantly replied: Nay, but I am a Christian, and am proud to. Vitalis expired, one of the priests of Apollo, who had incensed the tyrant against him, was possessed by a devil; full of rage, he cried out: Thou tormentest me, O Vitalis! Monica stedfastly withstood. On the day dedicated to the honor. Thus it was that. Nor am I mad either. Vitalis was extremely moved by this spectacle. And when children begin to use their reason, fathers and mothers should take great pains to fill their hearts with the fear of God. Augustines evil propensities, and, following him across sea and land, he became more truly the child of her tears in the conversion of his soul, than the son of her body in his natural birth. Så tilføjes Maskinbladet automatisk.

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