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anywhere. Description: Kabod Online, a free-to-play 3D fantasy mmorpg tailored towards mature players. Like Age of Conan, it has plenty of violence and some nudity. MMOsite: Compared with other adult MMOs in the market, what do you think is the biggest shining part of Kabod Online? Kabod Online takes on an entirely new concept with beautiful but gory graphics and intense combat and game play. Players can control their characters as they want and they can make another ego through their characters. The fascinating visual is the basis of maximizing effect of many systems in Kabod Online.

It is possible to steal items from other players, and to date NPCs in town. MMOsite: It's learned that NPCs in Kabod online are different from other traditional games which mainly play a role gratis dejtingsajt i agra of publishing quests. The game has entered into open beta in March last year with the global closed beta begun in August 2011, which has attracted much attention from players. Classes, knight, Wizard, Rogue, Archer. By cindyhio, date: Views: awesome, responses, your Reaction? As an 18 MMO, Kabod Online highlights almost all the 18 features like gambling, violence and sex for players to enjoy. There are two things of sexual part and militant part to maximizing the 18th elements.

It is possible to date with some NPCs who publish guests in a village. Kabod Online is one of the few mmorpgs that bills it self as a game meant for a mature audience.