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section assumes that you already know what the diagnosis is, and just want to know more about that disorder. CT exposes the patient to more ionizing radiation. Diagnostic radiology can be further divided into multiple sub-specialty areas. Therapeutic radiologyor, as it is now called, radiation oncology uses radiation to treat diseases such as cancer using a form of treatment called radiation therapy.

Contrast media, which strongly absorb X-ray radiation, in conjunction with the real-time imaging ability of fluroscopy and angiography help to demonstrate dynamic processes, such as the peristalsis of the digestive tract or blood flow. Read more, view All Questions. Contrast media is often used to delineate anatomy and allows 3D reconstructions of structures, such as arteries and veins. View Profile 3 recommendations 2 Feedback Richmond Town, Bangalore INR 900.

Generally speaking, Technecium-99m (half-life.02 hours) is the radionuclide used. Interventional radiology, one of senior dating webbplatser i australien these sub-specialty areas, uses the imaging modalities of diagnostic radiology to guide minimally invasive surgical procedures. Interventions IN liver cancer:-Bring Back Ur Smiles liver cancer is now treatable only through a small needle puncture. In reports saying HC is 5 less. Med Radio est au service des auditeurs et auditrices. Wikimedia Foundation, inc., should be construed as an attempt to offer or render a medical opinion or otherwise engage in the practice of medicine. Doctors 392 recommendations 79 Feedback Sahakaranagar, Bangalore. Org or included as part of any project.

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