lake charles dejtingsajter

- lots of Speckled Woods along the rides Andy Brown 9 May Hounslow: A dozen butterfly species and two moths today, the latter a second Cinnabar on the Marshalling Yards and a Mother Shipton likely. Ten of us then visited Mutchetts Wood next door to look for Purple Emperor, but with no luck, despite studying the master-tree area for an hour. Coleman Green Lane (TL177115 2 Meadow Brown ; 1 Small Heath. Today for the first time I found a Common Blue on it!

Her photo confirmed it as a female Holly Blue David Hunt 26 Apr Hounslow: An afternoon walk, weather similar to yesterday but a little colder: Hounslow Heath: Peacock : 1 Green-veined White : 2 Heath-ex Golf Course: Speckled Wood : 1 Green-Veined White :. Not so good for the former but far more of the latter than I'd remembered even effectively on my walk as well as elsewhere on the heath and golf course. 5 Purple Hairstreak at each location Tony Clancy Liz Goodyear Andy Middleton 27 Jun Went to Plashes wood.00.00 and saw two Purple Emperors at the territory also 6 Purple Hairstreaks Laurence Drummond 27 Jun Another hot sunny day so off to nourish. This is the second sighting I've had of this species of butterfly on the field this spring, but as far as I know there have been no sightings of it in previous years Chris Ridley 20 May A Holly Blue and Speckled Wood seen whilst.

Lake charles dejtingsajter
lake charles dejtingsajter

Europeiska kristna dejtingsajter, Land dejtingsajter nya zeeland,

They have effectively finished here. On the other side of Gutteridge Wood, walked the Blackthorn lined field before the wood entrance (TQ 08 84) and saw another Purple Hairstreak, head height on Oak, also a Red Admiral, 5 Gatekeeper, 1 Meadow Brown, at least one Small White and one Green-veined. 1 Peacock at Oakwood Station yesterday at 16:05 hrs. 1 Comma, 2 Small White - Heritage Museum garden, Letchworth TL221323 David Inward 30 Jun Argyle Road TW3 2BE: Holly Blue : 1, Hounslow Heath: Large White : 3 Ringlet : 14 Purple Hairstreak : 3 Comma : 2 Meadow Brown : 4 Gatekeeper. (TL321133) Chris Benton 16 Mar My first two butterflies of 2018 were two Small Tortoiseshells today, one at The Warren, Colney Heath and one on the northern side of Colney Heath itself Andrew Wood 16 Mar A Peacock in my garden in Stocking Pelham.

Lastly at Duchie's Piece recorded 29 Small White, 1 Peacock, 8 Gatekeeper, 29 Common Blue, 6 Brown Argus, 25 Meadow Brown, 1 Brimstone, 1 Dark Green Fritillary, 1 Green-veined White, 3 Ringlet, 2 Small Heath, 1 Large White, 1 Common Carpet David Gower 21 Jul. Moths have been about the same with three separate sightings of single likely Orange Underwings flying near the tops of Silver Birches, also on the Marshalling Yards mid March to March 22nd Peter Gore 26 Mar A male Brimstone and 2 Small Tortoiseshell in Fieldfare. I'm sure that there are more White-letter Hairstreak sites in and around Royston waiting to be discovered.