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: Small White : 1 Holly Blue : 2 Speckled Wood : 1 Heath/Heather/Railway: Peacock : 1 Common Blue : 2 Small Heath : 1 Speckled Wood : 1 and one Mother Shipton moth Peter Gore 22 May Four spotted moth seen at Peterborough. Stephen's Road TW3 2BW/The Avenue TW3 2BG/Argyle Road TW3 2BE/Home: Small White : 17 Speckled Wood : 11 Meadow Brown : 43 Large White : 6 Gatekeeper : 24 Green-veined White : 13 Holly Blue : 7 Red Admiral : 4 Small Copper :. Mating behaviour and searching for egg-laying sites both observed. Good show of orchids too: Common Spotted; Pyramidal; Common Twayblade David Hunt 25 Jun 1 Red Admiral at Chase Road/Charter Way, N14 at 08:44 hrs, 4 Purple Hairstreak in Trent Park, also here 5 Comma, 9 Marbled White (6 'New Fields 3 'Old Golf Course. On a walk around my local patch at Stanwell Moor, I found two Commas, four Peacocks, four Brimstones and no less than 13 Small Tortoiseshells. A rough tally of species: Brimstone - 15; Holly Blue - 10; Small/GV White - 10; Peacock - 10; Orange Tip - 7; Comma - 5; Small Tortoiseshell - 1 Dave Miller 18 Apr Female Emperor moth ( Saturnia pavonia ) at Therfield heath (Church. 1 Speckled Wood near Oakwood entrance, Trent Park at 11:27 hrs and 1 Holly Blue, 1 Comma, 1 male Orange-tip and 1 Green-veined White here too, 1 female Brimstone near Triangular Wood, Trent Park at 11:46 hrs and 1 Peacock here also, 1 Small Tortoiseshell. On closer inspection I found that it was a White-letter Hairstreak, a species I hadn't seen before Sharon Newson 30 Jun I was lucky enough to see a male Purple Emperor this morning in Tring Park at about.30.

Dejtingsajt waterford
dejtingsajt waterford

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5 Purple Hairstreaks, 3 Commas, 5 Peacocks. One of the Torties was a female and was closely attended by a male Nick Bowles 21 Mar Today I saw my first 'non-freak' Brimstone, strangely in precisely the same spot as the one on 10 January at Wendover Arm, Grand Union Canal! A couple of Dingies were seen in courtship flight and a female crawling on the ground around low growing Birds-foot Trefoil, apparently searching for egg laying sites. Duchies Piece next, seeing 5 x Small Heath, 1 x Brimstone (m 1 x Brown Argus, 1 x Common Carpet. Also one in my garden later, feeding on 'Bowles Mauve' Peter Clarke 27 May Painted Lady seen at Little Tring in field adjacent to footpath alongside road leading to Wilstone Doug Helsby 27 May 11 Common Blue including two females at Oakwood Park (most. Liz Goodyear Andrew Middleton 16 May 1 female Adela reaumurella at Grovelands Park this afternoon Robert Callf 16 May Hounslow: An early morning walk in cloudy, breezy conditions. I saw 12 Chalkhill Blues, 40 Dark Green Fritillary, 80 Marbled White, 1 Holly Blue, 4 Brimstone (3 male, 1 female 1 Gatekeeper, 1 Large Skipper, 2 Small Skipper, Small Large Whites, 25 Small Heath, Meadow Browns, Ringlets and a pair of Six-spot Burnet. Here are the butterflies I could identify: Hounslow Heath: Peacock : 2 Small Tortoiseshell : 4 Brimstone (f 1 Heath-Golf Course: Peacock : 2 Marshalling Yards: Comma : 4 Brimstone (m 3 Peacock : 2 Pevensey: Comma : 1 Peacock : 1 Heath-Heather, Railway: Peacock. Many Marbled Whites at both sites and plenty of Ringlets and Meadow Browns too, highlight was a Purple Emperor landing right in the middle of the ride on Broxbourne west ride and 4 Silver-washed Fritillaries, Commas, Large Skippers and Small Heath too. Harpenden Common had relatively few butterflies: several Green-veined White ; a couple of Orange-tip ; and 1 Speckled Wood, although the Cydia ulicetana were swarming well around the gorse David Hunt 15 May Hillbrow LGC -.30.30. Trent Park 'New Fields' (12:05 - 13:05 hrs) - 9 Small Copper, 2 Marbled White, 1 Painted Lady nectaring on thistles at 12:30 hrs, 3 male Common Blue, 1 Holly Blue nectaring on thistle edge of Church Wood, 1 Red Admiral near Triangular Wood. It was last seen heading over the burnt car so I will be interested to see if I find it again back in this seemingly inhospitable place.

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