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only. Decorators for profiling/timing/tracing individual functions, project description profilehooks, its a collection of decorators for profiling functions. Make @coverage_with_hotshot output match @coverage output precisely. 1.0 Changed licence from GPL to MIT. The results will be printed when the program exits (or you can use @profile(immediateTrue) ). New decorator: @timecall New arguments to @profile: skip, filename, immediate. This was probably broken.0.1, but nobody complained.

If youre interested in coarse timings and dont want to pay for the overhead of profiling, use from profilehooks import timecall @timecall # or @timecall(immediateTrue) def my_function(args, etc pass, finally, you may be interested in seeing line coverage for a single function from profilehooks import. If you're not sure which to choose, learn more about installing packages). 0.1 First public release (it didnt actually have a version number announced on my blog: ml @profile and @coverage decorators that didnt accept any arguments. Example: hur man skapar en online dating användarnamn @timecall(ock) Better documentation. Full documentation is available through pydoc profilehooks after installation. Drop Python.6 compatibility. Preserve function attributes such as _doc_ and _module_ when decorating them. Hotshot was the only profiler supported for @profile, while @coverage used Download files Download the file for your platform. Made it the default profiler. 1.5 New argument to @timecall: timer (defaults to time. New arguments to @profile: dirs, sort, entries.

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