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sitting on the floor. The record interest came from her father, who was a pioneer in jukeboxes in Sweden. But most he was kind man. It has to be sold records as well, and when it sometimes does not happen, life can be tough. Now it's pretty dead on that front. But it's of course sad that records that many people want, disappear so fast. Jazz wasnt Jannes stuff really but he knew what it was about. The oldest is Gellborn Records which started in 1974.

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Billiga plattor minns jag. A wellknown figure in Stockholm's world of second hand record shops is Jan Littorin. During the 50's and 60's, the firm was owned by Karin Ernst. It took me a week to just pack. It was my biggest and most expensive dating service st louis collection so far, says Janne. Tusentals skivor i en enda post.

From the beginning it was most soul and funk. I Stockholm jobbade Steve. There are some record shops in Solna, a suburb of Stockholm. In the early 1980s it became the largest record store in Scandinavia and they called it Sound City. Vid telefonen Mikael Hansson. Online is about something different, another kind of psychology. Now he works with service in the subway.